Spray Tanning

Safe Spray Tanning

Walk in white, walk out brown. This is an instant all over color that lasts 6-10 days and fades naturally like just like a real tan

Standard 8-hour Full Body Spray Tan $35.00    

2-hour Full Body Spray Tan $45.00 

Full Body Scrub and 8-hour Spray Tan $75.00 

(5) Five Tanner Pack $140.00 (8-hour)

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Look great all year round with a Spray tan. You can choose between a light, medium or dark . Our tan develops a beautiful natural streak-free colour within 4-hours of your treatment. This is a safe and effective way of tanning without being exposed to the harmful rays of the sun.

Your Naturally Bronzed, Younger & Fresher Looking Tan Is Now Available at All Skins Beauty!

All Skins Beauty uses Black Magic tanning solution which is made in Australia using the highest grade DHA available. The DHA is imported from Europe.  DHA is the ingredient in spray tan solutions that causes the colour change in the skin. Black Magic solution is infused with aloe Vera and green tea extract, both wonderful nutrients for the skin.

Black Magic has been designed for all skin types. Light Medium or dark, this is done by using the highest grade DHA available on the market, by using a pharmaceutical grade DHA you can be assured of a perfect tan with every application.

  • Black Magic is made from the finest quality ingredients
  • Black Magic has a base of Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extract
  • Black Magic will not streak
  • Black Magic dries super fast on your skin
  • Black Magic will not clog your pores
  • Black Magic is washable (it will not stain)
  • Black Magic solutions have no fragrance, and are odorless
  • Black Magic Tan will fade evenly like a natural Tan
  • Black Magic Tan will not turn orange like some self tan applications.